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This wonderful breed has been in our family for over 20 years.  I can remember my dad having them when I was about 7 years old.  Truthfully all credit should be given to him when it comes to what the breed is today.  Our breeding is based on breeding for health and ability over all.  My father, the late Neil D. Rutan, always said, "Form will follow function."

Currently we use our dogs primarily for hunting as well as companionship.  We plan on starting some of our dogs in weight pull. Our dogs have been bred for top performance in all areas. These little dogs are very versatile. Not only are they bred for performance, but we also breed for a stable temperament.  The are family raised with me, my wife and two young children.

In our breeding program we focus on ability and health. Conformation is secondary. We believe when you breed form conformation or a certain look, you sacrifice performance and can potentially deteriorate the health of the breed.

The size of the dogs range from 30-45 lbs. for males and 25-40 lbs. for females.  They come in a variety of colors (red, brown, fawn, black blue, white and all shades of brindle) with white markings.

Since our breeding program focuses on ability and health, we are able to guarantee the life of any dog we produce against genetic disorder with a replacement puppy. All deposits are non-refundable.  This is asked so that we get only those that are serious about bringing home a new family member.

For More Information, Please Feel Free To Contact us.

Nathaniel Rutan
(740) 625-7364
Centerburg, OH


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