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Gizmo              x             Rutan's Lilly

We are excited to announce the breeding of these two phenomenal dogs.  This is a co-venture between Signoretti's Olde Boston Bulldogs and Rutan's Olde Boston Bulldogs.  The litter is due mid June '05.
Gizmo is an older dog at 10 years of age. However, don't let age fool you. This boy can hang with the young studs. His drive is super intense. Gizmo is a very thinck, heavy boned, coby male. He is built like a tank, low and wide, with a beautiful bully head. Gizmo's pedigree is the old stuff. This is the first time his blood is made available to the public.
Lilly, also, is a very drivey dog. She is right there in the top 3 as far as drive.  As for looks, I would have to say she is one of the best looking females.  This girl is very doggy almost like a male.  Lilly is exactly what we are striving to produce.
This breeding will produce true working dogs.  They will produce dogs with superb drive, high spirits, stable temperaments and great looks.  Both dogs are proven producers of some great dogs. This breeding produced Rutan's Oscar, which is an awesome male.


Rutan's Eeyor              x             Rutan's Sara


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