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Rutan's Matilda

42 Pounds.
(Cotton to Night Shadow)
This is the most gentle, loving female we have. She gets so excited to see us coming, I would swear she actually smiles at us.

Rutan's Faith

35 Pounds. 
(Jungle Scream to Boy Named Sue)
This dog thinks she is our baby.  She would be happy to climb in our laps and love on us.

Rutan's Sissy

42 Pounds.
(Cotton to Midnight)
This is one rough female who enjoys a good hunt. However, she is a great mamma dog.

Rutan's Legend

35 Pounds.
(Cotton to Judy)
She is glad to see us every time for one reason only. We are there to rub her belly! She lives for a good belly rub.

Rutan's Lily

35 Pounds.
(Alan to Legend)
This female is THE example of what an Olde Boston Bulldog should be. She is absolutely beautiful.

Rutan's Tigger

32 Pounds.
(Eeyore to CeeCee)
She has a log of get up and go. She is also a great Mamma dog.

Rutan's Lil' Sis

40 Pounds.
(Ralph to Sissy)
She is a real go getter that has lots of love for the family.

Rutan's Diamond

35 Pounds.
(Bonn to Matilda)
She is one hard core hunter. You can find her looking for any type of varmint out there; raccoon, opossum, rats and more.

Rutan's Sarah

32 Pounds.
(Merle to Grace)
She tends to be the laid back one of the bunch. However, when it comes to hunting she has amazing prey driver.

Rutan's Charlotte

(Bonn to Legend)
8 months old puppy showing potential in all that she does. She will be great breeding stock soon.

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